The Hearthstone Barn

The Hearthstone barn has been a recognizable fixture in Needham for over 100 years. It sits on the property of Barbara Jones and has served her family as a source of inspiration and a place to hold her Little Pink Houses treasures. It is fitting that as Barbara embarks on this new journey, that her little shop of treasures bears the same name.

Barbara Jones in front of her Hearthstone Barn
Barbara Jones sitting on patio furniture at Hearthstone Home

Barbara Jones

Barbara Jones is the founder of Little Pink Houses, a company dedicated to finding older, architectural gems in Needham and restoring them to be beautiful homes that are serviceable to today’s families. One of her keys to success was her ability to fill the homes with furnishings that brought out the best in homes. As more and more people reached out to her for help finding pieces so they could achieve her aesthetic in their own homes, Barbara decided to bring together all her favorite things together… and she called it Hearthstone Home. Now you can visit and bring a piece of Hearthstone Home back to your home.